New Jersey Legislature re-organizes; Murphy delivers 2022 State of the State

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The New Jersey Legislature concluded its Lame Duck session on Monday January 10th. Legislators were back in Trenton the next day to re-organize and kick off the new two-year session, officially the 220th Legislature. The Legislature that was sworn in on Tuesday is more diverse, has fewer Democrats, and has several new faces in leadership positions.

Late Tuesday afternoon, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy delivered his 2022 State of the State address. The address was pre-recorded, streamed on social media and carried by two local television networks.

This re-organization edition of TrueNorth will help you navigate Trenton in 2022! 

Murphy Transition Update; NJ Loses Veteran House Member; 2018 Policy Landscape

NorthStar Strategies TrueNorth Insights

Phil Murphy’s team starts to take shape in New Jersey with the announcement of key staff. Murphy’s transition team is announced and it includes our own Joe Fiordaliso. A key member of New Jersey’s Congressional Delegation announces his retirement. Several key policy issues emerge as likely 2018 priorities. You don’t want to miss this edition of TrueNorth which has more meet on the bone than your Thanksgiving turkey! 

Democrats have huge night – make significant gains across the region

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Phil Murphy won his gubernatorial contest by a significant margin. Democratic majorities in New Jersey’s Legislature grew. Bill de Blasio overwhelmingly won a second term. Political power shifted substantially in New York City suburbs. Election night was a clear victory for Democrats in the region. Murphy’s robust win combined with Ralph Northam’s larger-than-expected win in the Virginia gubernatorial have national Democrats and many political pundits claiming a rejection of President Trump’s first year in office.