New Jersey Legislature re-organizes; Murphy delivers 2022 State of the State

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The New Jersey Legislature concluded its Lame Duck session on Monday January 10th. Legislators were back in Trenton the next day to re-organize and kick off the new two-year session, officially the 220th Legislature. The Legislature that was sworn in on Tuesday is more diverse, has fewer Democrats, and has several new faces in leadership positions.

Late Tuesday afternoon, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy delivered his 2022 State of the State address. The address was pre-recorded, streamed on social media and carried by two local television networks.

This re-organization edition of TrueNorth will help you navigate Trenton in 2022! 

2020 Election Day Recap

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While many races and ballot questions were decided on Election Night, several notable contests remain too close to call. TrueNorth is pleased to present this comprehensive Election Day recap. 

Midterm Election Special Edition

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In one of the most anticipated midterm elections in decades and a race that was widely interpreted as a referendum on President Donald Trump’s tumultuous first two years in office, Democrats won control of the House of Representatives. Republicans retained control of the United States Senate and expanded their majority. Democrats also made gains at the State level, capturing seven governorships. A number of key races in New Jersey and New York gave Democrats the gains they needed to regain control of the House for the first time since 2011. The New Jersey-New York region grew decidedly bluer and a number of key races contributed to Democratic takeover of the House. 

TrueNorth – Back to School Edition

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It’s been a few months since the last edition of TrueNorth visited your inbox and we’re pleased to be back. With six weeks before the midterm elections, a full plate for the New Jersey Legislature this Fall, and important policy and political happenings throughout the region, this “back to school” edition of TrueNorth is a must-read. 

Primary Election Results in Pivotal Races

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Tuesday’s Primary Election in New Jersey determined the Democratic and Republican nominees for one US Senate seat and all twelve House seats. The results set up a general election that could help determine control of the House of Representatives in November.