Murphy SOTS; NJ Legislature re-organizes; Community Solar expands; Winter4Kids is top non-profit biz of 2023; NorthStar’s Mann sworn in

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New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy delivers his 2024 State of the State address to a joint session of the Legislature; the 221st Legislature convenes in Trenton and makes history in the process; New Jersey expands the Community Solar program and leading developer Solar Landscape hits an incredible milestone; Winter4Kids is recognized as New Jersey’s top nonprofit business of the year; and NorthStar’s TJ Mann continues his public service. Welcome to 2024. Best wishes for a great year! 

Attentive Energy releases details of long-awaited Attentive Energy Two project

NorthStar Strategies TrueNorth Insights

NorthStar Strategies is proud to represent Attentive Energy and support the company’s plan to deliver a clean energy future to New Jersey. Following the release, NorthStar CEO and co-founder Joe Fiordaliso said:

“Attentive’s proposal is the most far-reaching, holistic and robust that has been presented to New Jersey. You won’t be surprised by the quality of the proposal if you know Attentive’s people – genuine and sincere professionals who have passionately developed a proposal that will not only generate economic and energy benefits but will lift up communities across our State. Attentive will deliver to my children and grandchildren the New Jersey that we all want and deserve.” 

Murphy & Hochul deliver State of the State addresses

NorthStar Strategies TrueNorth Insights

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy and New York Governor Kathy Hochul both delivered State of the State addresses on Tuesday afternoon before joint sessions of their respective legislatures. Murphy graded his performance over five years in office and offered several modest policy proposals for the coming year. Hochul, who is in her first year as the elected governor of New York, was much more bullish, offering 147 separate policy proposals. The NorthStar and Urban Strategies teams were on the ground in Trenton and Albany and are pleased to offer insight and analysis.  

Gateway on track; Murphy helms NGA; Solar milestone; Fiordaliso gets national post; Peck joins NorthStar

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TrueNorth is back in your inbox with timely updates on the Gateway Program; New Jersey’s latest milestone on the path to 100% clean energy; Governor Phil Murphy’s election as Chair of the National Governors Association; our own CEO’s appointment to a national post; and NorthStar’s latest staff addition. There’s alot to catch up on, so be sure to keep reading! 

New Jersey Legislature re-organizes; Murphy delivers 2022 State of the State

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The New Jersey Legislature concluded its Lame Duck session on Monday January 10th. Legislators were back in Trenton the next day to re-organize and kick off the new two-year session, officially the 220th Legislature. The Legislature that was sworn in on Tuesday is more diverse, has fewer Democrats, and has several new faces in leadership positions.

Late Tuesday afternoon, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy delivered his 2022 State of the State address. The address was pre-recorded, streamed on social media and carried by two local television networks.

This re-organization edition of TrueNorth will help you navigate Trenton in 2022! 

Election recap; New legislative leadership; Infrastructure bill signed into law; NorthStar’s latest personnel move

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New Jersey’s 2021 election may go down as one of the most memorable in history. The election helped spur a shake-up in Trenton that included new leaders of the Senate and Assembly and smaller majorities for Democrats in both chambers. We’ve got a complete run-down.

Republicans and Democrats in Washington can still find agreement on the importance of infrastructure, as evidenced by the $1.2 trillion package signed into law by President Biden on Monday. Keep reading for the funding breakdown and what it means for New Jersey.

Finally, NorthStar made another personnel move on November 1st, but not the kind you’re thinking.  

New Poll in NJ Gov Race; Facebook committed to platform integrity; NJ Wind Port; Engineers Fall Conference; TJ Mann joins NorthStar

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A new Monmouth University poll shows Phil Murphy up by double digits over Jack Ciattarelli. Facebook discusses its progress in protecting privacy, tackling illicit content, and combatting election interference. Officials and stakeholders break ground for the New Jersey Wind Port. The business trade association for New Jersey’s engineering profession holds a successful in-person fall conference. Clifton Chief of Staff TJ Mann joins NorthStar Strategies as Director of Government Affairs.  

Murphy lifts restrictions; Sweeney tackles warehouse sprawl; T-Mobile’s Builder recognized; Cabinet member dances for clean energy

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TrueNorth returns to your inbox to mark New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy’s decision to lift COVID restrictions on various gatherings and activities. We also spotlight Senate President Steve Sweeney’s effort to combat warehouse sprawl. To round out our coverage, we recognize two of our favorite people for their accomplishments. We missed writing to you and hope you’re glad to see us again!