Gateway on track; Murphy helms NGA; Solar milestone; Fiordaliso gets national post; Peck joins NorthStar

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TrueNorth is back in your inbox with timely updates on the Gateway Program; New Jersey’s latest milestone on the path to 100% clean energy; Governor Phil Murphy’s election as Chair of the National Governors Association; our own CEO’s appointment to a national post; and NorthStar’s latest staff addition. There’s alot to catch up on, so be sure to keep reading! 

Election recap; New legislative leadership; Infrastructure bill signed into law; NorthStar’s latest personnel move

NorthStar Strategies TrueNorth Insights

New Jersey’s 2021 election may go down as one of the most memorable in history. The election helped spur a shake-up in Trenton that included new leaders of the Senate and Assembly and smaller majorities for Democrats in both chambers. We’ve got a complete run-down.

Republicans and Democrats in Washington can still find agreement on the importance of infrastructure, as evidenced by the $1.2 trillion package signed into law by President Biden on Monday. Keep reading for the funding breakdown and what it means for New Jersey.

Finally, NorthStar made another personnel move on November 1st, but not the kind you’re thinking.  

NJ Budget Approved; Facebook Election Integrity; Major Transit Investments; NJ’s First In-person Conference

NorthStar Strategies TrueNorth Insights

We recap a busy September in this edition of TrueNorth. Governor Phil Murphy signs the budget for the nine-month FY2021. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announces significant steps the social media giant is taking to protect our democracy during the election season. The Murphy Administration and NJ TRANSIT break ground on projects that will help tens of thousands of daily riders. And a prominent industry trade association holds New Jersey’s first in-person conference since COVID-19 restrictions began to lift. 

Murphy delivers FY21 Budget Address; NJ Turnpike considers new Capital Program

NorthStar Strategies TrueNorth Insights

Governor Phil Murphy delivered his third annual budget address yesterday in Trenton. He proposed a number of significant investments to be funded by a variety of revenue raisers. Meanwhile, in Woodbridge the New Jersey Turnpike Authority Board initiated a public hearing process for a new long-term capital program. TrueNorth has the skinny so keep reading to learn more! 

Transportation Investments Across the Region; Hudson News wins major contract; NorthStar CEO addresses conference; Election Day preview

NorthStar Strategies TrueNorth Insights

The amounts being invested by some regional transportation agencies warrant detailed coverage in this edition of TrueNorth. We also recap remarks made by NorthStar’s CEO at a statewide transportation policy conference. Finally, next Tuesday is Election Day across the region and we remind everyone to vote and then check out TrueNorth’s election coverage. 

Offshore Wind; Port Authority on the move; New Jersey Budget; 9/11 Victims Fund

NorthStar Strategies TrueNorth Insights

In this edition of TrueNorth we recap some major policy developments from the past two months, including offshore wind, New Jersey’s budget, and the Port Authority’s efforts to rebuild our region’s transportation infrastructure.

We’re dedicating this issue of TrueNorth to one of our favorite New Jersey elected officials who – in the middle of a recent meeting with one of our clients – reminded us that we were overdue for a new issue of TrueNorth. Senator, this one’s for you!


TrueNorth – Polar Vortex Edition

NorthStar Strategies TrueNorth Insights

Legislation increasing New Jersey’s minimum wage has just passed both chambers of the Legislature. A transportation infrastructure project with longterm economic impacts for the region has received a big boost. Facebook has become the global leader in renewable energy purchases. And NorthStar has dipped its running shoe into charitable giving waters. We hope this pre-Super Bowl edition of TrueNorth helps you endure this week’s arctic weather. 

TrueNorth – Back to School Edition

NorthStar Strategies TrueNorth Insights

It’s been a few months since the last edition of TrueNorth visited your inbox and we’re pleased to be back. With six weeks before the midterm elections, a full plate for the New Jersey Legislature this Fall, and important policy and political happenings throughout the region, this “back to school” edition of TrueNorth is a must-read. 

Murphy Transition Update; NJ Loses Veteran House Member; 2018 Policy Landscape

NorthStar Strategies TrueNorth Insights

Phil Murphy’s team starts to take shape in New Jersey with the announcement of key staff. Murphy’s transition team is announced and it includes our own Joe Fiordaliso. A key member of New Jersey’s Congressional Delegation announces his retirement. Several key policy issues emerge as likely 2018 priorities. You don’t want to miss this edition of TrueNorth which has more meet on the bone than your Thanksgiving turkey!