Attentive Energy releases details of long-awaited Attentive Energy Two project

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Attentive Energy has released the long-awaited details of its Attentive Energy Two project and the opportunities it presents for New Jersey’s future.  You can learn more about the proposed project, its benefits and Attentive’s community-led initiatives here.

Attentive’s proposal to New Jersey BPU’s third offshore wind solicitation offers a game changing vision for New Jersey. 
Attentive Energy Two demonstrates the company’s commitment to New Jersey’s mission of advancing renewable energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and strengthening our State’s economy and workforce. Attentive Energy’s offshore wind proposal will create generational opportunities that will reach all 21 counties with programs and investments.

NorthStar Strategies is proud to represent Attentive Energy and support the company’s plan to deliver a clean energy future to New Jersey.  Following the release, NorthStar CEO and co-founder Joe Fiordaliso said:

“Attentive’s proposal is the most far-reaching, holistic and robust that has been presented to New Jersey.  You won’t be surprised by the quality of the proposal if you know Attentive’s people – genuine and sincere professionals who have passionately developed a proposal that will not only generate economic and energy benefits but will lift up communities across our State.  Attentive will deliver to my children and grandchildren the New Jersey that we all want and deserve.”

Read more in Attentive’s 
press release.

Stay tuned for additional information in the coming weeks on specific aspects of Attentive’s project and the investments we’re making in countless New Jersey communities.