Election recap; New legislative leadership; Infrastructure bill signed into law; NorthStar’s latest personnel move

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New Jersey’s 2021 election may go down as one of the most memorable in history. The election helped spur a shake-up in Trenton that included new leaders of the Senate and Assembly and smaller majorities for Democrats in both chambers. We’ve got a complete run-down.

Republicans and Democrats in Washington can still find agreement on the importance of infrastructure, as evidenced by the $1.2 trillion package signed into law by President Biden on Monday. Keep reading for the funding breakdown and what it means for New Jersey.

Finally, NorthStar made another personnel move on November 1st, but not the kind you’re thinking.  

Murphy acts on Energy Policy; ACECNJ hosts Design Summit; Castner takes senior post

NorthStar Strategies TrueNorth Insights

Happy belated Memorial Day to all of our readers! In this issue of TrueNorth, we cover New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy’s recent actions to reshape New Jersey’s energy market. We also provide an overview of the 6th annual Design Summit, hosted by our client, the American Council of Engineering Companies of New Jersey. We spotlight Murphy’s new gun czar and give you a preview of the month ahead. 

Gov’s Race Heats Up, Bayonne Mayoral Kicks off, New NJ Senators Sworn In

NorthStar Strategies TrueNorth Insights

Phil Murphy and Kim Guadagno square off in their second and final debate at 7pm tonight at William Paterson University in Wayne, NJ. In light of the low viewership of the first debate, a big question is how many people will change channels from Game 5 of the Yankees-Astros ALCS (5:08pm first pitch). Keep reading for our observations on the first debate, the LG debate, and other key developments from the trail. We also spotlight a key 2018 mayoral battle that kicked off last week in Hudson County and two recently-filled vacancies in the New Jersey Senate. 

Horizon Drama on Budget Eve

NorthStar Strategies TrueNorth Insights

Work continues in Trenton to finalize agreement on the State’s FY2018 budget but ongoing disagreement regarding the future of the State’s largest health insurance provider stands in the way. Passage of the budget and avoidance of a government shutdown depends on the Senate, Assembly and Governor’s Office getting on the same page regarding Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield’s $2.4 billion reserve fund. 

2017 Primary Election

NorthStar Strategies TrueNorth Insights

The Democratic and Republican frontrunners won their respective primaries tonight, setting up a general election contest between former Goldman Sachs executive and Ambassador to Germany Phil Murphy, and current Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno.

Finalists for a number of important legislative races were also determined on Tuesday, and we’ve got the scoop on them too.  

Marijuana, Transportation Woes, Governor’s Race

NorthStar Strategies TrueNorth Insights

This issue of TrueNorth covers the introduction of legislation to legalize marijuana for recreational use. We also spotlight a number of recent transit developments in the region that could reshape train travel for generations to come. We also give you a few nuggets from the gubernatorial campaign trail in the lead-up to the June 6 primary. 

Gateway Funding; Tom MacArthur; Cuomo IG

NorthStar Strategies TrueNorth Insights

In this issue of TrueNorth we explore the funding complexities surrounding Gateway, a program of rail infrastructure improvements that includes a vitally needed new tube under the Hudson. We also peer inside the Beltway to see how one of our own, Congressman Tom MacArthur, is positioning himself on issues like ACA reform. We take a closer look at the fight for primacy at the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey as Jersey pols push back on aggressive maneuvering by New York Governor Cuomo. And we thank everyone who attended the inaugural event at our new offices.